Become a Patron of the Arts

Your Business Or Organization Can Be A Patron Of The Arts. Sponsor A Gallery At Our Arts And Education Center.

The Elyria Arts Council is entering its fourth exciting year as our City begins its third century! Where the Arts thrive, communities flourish. • Here is a unique, tax-deductible way to promote your business or organization and be part of the revitalization of Downtown Elyria!

Within our Arts and Education Center we have a limited number of individual galleries that are available for either a 6-month or yearly Sponsorship. Each contains a wonderful variety of constantly rotating artwork by local artists and artisans. ,

Most everyone has seen the two Murals we have completed downtown in Pioneer Plaza, another amazing piece in the reshaping of the Downtown Landscape. Our Center is right there at the heart of it all. The volume of visitors and customers at our Center increases constantly. Your Gallery Sponsorship will guarantee your business or organization visibility in a civic minded and commercial environment.

Give us a call at (440) 328-3025 and our representative will answer any questions you may have. You can go to our Facebook Page at Elyria Arts Council to see the spaces available.

The number of galleries is limited. This is the perfect time to secure your tax-deductible sponsorship and be a highly visible part of the activity that the Downtown Revitalization is creating.

We are proud to be part of Elyria. We are proud to grow our City along with you.

Available Galleries and Rates

We currently have Nine Galleries available for Sponsorship. The rates are determined by the size of the Gallery and the duration of the Sponsorship.

With Sponsorship you will receive a designated central space for your business or corporate logo.

Each gallery also has space available for business cards or promotional brochures and literature.
These are the currently available Galleries and their dimensions.

Gallery # 1 is at the very front of the Center. It is 11 1/2' x 1/2' with a an 8" x 10" space for your
logo. Gallery #6 is located in the very heart of the Center. It is 18' X 4 W with an 8" x 12" central space for your logo.
6 Months - $300.00 1 Year - $500.00

Example galleries 1 and 6

Galleries 2-5 run the length of the front portion. Each is 5 1/2' X 4' with a 5" x 7" central space for your logo.
6 Months - $150.00 1 Year - $250.00

Example Galleries 2,3,4 and 5

Galleries 7-9 are located in the Community Activities and Classroom section of our Center. They
are each 15' x 6' with an 8" x 12" central area for your logo.
6 Months - $400.00 1 Year - $650.00

Gallery 8, 7 and 9 are adjacent